Other Garbage TV Shows We'd Actually Watch If Mahershala Ali Joined the Cast

Living for the news that he's joining True Detective season 3

Mahershala Ali in True Detective is exciting news for fans of the show; the actor appears here in a black tuxedo at the Academy Awards
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URGENT S.O.S. EMERGENCY ALERT MAHERSHALA ALI WILL BE ON TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 3!!! Now, before you say, “Hold the hell up, that show didn’t get cancelled after season 2 induced viewers into a collective coma?!,” the answer is no it didn’t, and who better to restore the crime drama to its season 1 glory than an Oscar-winning actor who’s literally never not slaughtered every role he’s taken on? (Don’t believe me? Feel free to offer up a single example, I’ll wait).

Ali won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the Best Picture-winning Moonlight but let’s take a moment to appreciate his impeccable work in Hidden Figures, The Place Beyond the Pines and House of Cards. Fans of True Detective’s illustrious first season are stoked.

Mahershala Ali in True Detective is just what prestige television needs and TBH, I’d watch basically anything he was on. Garbage sitcom with a Mahershala Ali cameo? Sign me up! Twenty-four-hour home shopping marathon hosted by Ali? Toss the Orville Redenbacher in the microwave and settle in, baby! Here, four other shows you couldn’t pay me to watch RN that I would happily, giddily binge if Mahershala Ali joined the cast.

(Source: Giphy.com)
(Source: Giphy.com)

1. The Big Bang Theory

‘K, I know there are a gazillion TBBT fans out there but I’m not one of them. And I can appreciate a silly 22-minute sitcom. But this one is cheesy without being cheeky and actually kind of mean when it comes to all the nerd tropes it relies on. But Ali popping in as an impossibly handsome astrophysicist or some such academic would make me tune in.

(Source: Giphy.com)
(Source: Giphy.com)

2. Working Title: Extremely Full House

The Full House reunion season, Fuller House, was a tough watch, no? Now, I know a ton of people watched it (HOW?) but I tried and could not get through to episode 2. Buuuuut, if Ali—or, let’s be real, the Olsen twins—joined the cast, I would be there with bells on.

(Source: Giphy.com)
(Source: Giphy.com)

3. Downton Abbey, Jane Eyre or really any period drama

My distaste for all period pieces is well-documented. I know, I know, Downton is the best bla, bla, bla, still not interested. But how good would Ali look in a frock coat and derby hat?

(Source: Giphy.com)
(Source: Giphy.com)

4. A Two and a Half Men reunion special

This show was horrendous. Full stop. You know the rest.

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