The Cut’s Takedown of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Was Not OK

When I first heard that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were “a thing,” I didn’t believe it. Truly, I thought the two stars had teamed up for a few carefully orchestrated public appearances to add some fuel to the publicity mill, and up their celeb status. It was all very Jennifer Lopez and Drake.

My feelings about this duo have been like that nervous laughter when a joke goes on too long and you start to realize that this thing that seemed fleeting is actually never going to end. After showing up to the Met Gala together in 2017, and being spotted at various sporting events, Priyanka and Nick confirmed their romance by getting engaged in July. And my reaction was basically that kid who desperately asked, “Is this real life?”

Even after the videos and wedding photos from their A1 nuptials in India, I remained conflicted. Was I just being prejudiced because of their 10-year age gap? (I mean, props to both of them for giving a collective middle finger to old-school courtship standards.) Was it because a Jonas brother and a Bollywood star seemed like an unlikely pair? Was it because I could not fathom what they would have in common? I mean, considering they’re both international celebrities, maybe they do have similarities that aren’t part of their public personas. And if not, well, hey, opposites attract, right

But one thing I am damn sure of: The article that The Cut published trashing Priyanka over this relationship—which was revised multiple times before being taken down in the same day—was all kinds of wrong.


Here’s the tea: The Cut ran a feature with the headline “Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s Love for Real?” by writer Mariah Smith. Obviously, I clicked—and I was not the only one: The article quickly went viral, but for all the wrong reasons. This story attempted to outline “Priyanka’s plan to make this Nick Jonas opportunity her forever bitch,” but instead, read like an unedited blog detailing the history of their relationship, peppered with sexist and racist conclusions based entirely on speculation.

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